Rec & Tour Kayak Paddles

Mid Swift, 2-pc Tour Paddles - Graphic Inlay
The Mid Swift is the most popular paddle from Eddyline delivering platy of pull and control in varied and changeable conditions. For those seeking something extra special, you can customize your paddle with graphic-inlaid blades.
Manta ray 2 Piece Posi-Lock 250 Hybrid
High-angle horsepower for more control and heavily loaded boats with the industry's best ferrule.
Accent Energy Hybrid Paddle
The Energy Hybrid is an industry first. It brings all the benefits of bent shaft technology at a fraction of the cost.

The blade design is a perfect blend for low and high angle paddlers. The all carbon shaft provides the highest strength to weight rat
Accent Energy Carbon Paddle
With Accent's Advantage Grip technology, paddlers will now be afforded all the benefits of bent shaft technology at an affordable price. The Energy carbon is constructed with a carbon shaft and Accent's proprietary apX polymer blend.
StingRay 2pc Aluminum 230cm
Most aluminum kayak paddles wobble and flutter. This one does not. American-made quality and resilience.
Accent Infinity Carbon High Angle
The Infinity Carbon is a great choice for families and those wanting many options on the water.
Accent Infinity Carbon Low Angle
With a carbon smooth shaft and lightweight carbon blended blades, the Infinity offers premium design and performance at an affordable price.
Accent Infinity Hybrid Adj Paddle 220-240
With a smooth carbon shaft and durable lightweight blades, the Infinity Hybrid is a great choice for the kayaker who wants that personalized fit.
Magic Mystic Paddle 230cm
The Carlisle Magic Mystic is a durable and efficient introductory kayak paddle. The two-piece aluminum shaft and fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene blades provide a durable, reliable option.
Pro Swift, 2-pc Touring Paddles - Jewel Tone Translucent Fiberglass
The Eddyline Pro Swift paddle combines the most important elements of a high angle paddle – control, power, and efficiency.
Sunrise Glass Recreational Kayak Paddle
The Sunrise Glass recreational kayak paddle by Bending Branches balances it all: performance, comfort, and style.

The Sunrise Glass has polypropylene blades that pull through the water smoothly. Its shaft is rugged, yet lightweight fiberglass, which pr
Cannon Ultimate Angler
The Ultimate Angler is built with a high strength to weight carbon smooth shaft. Its carbon reinforced nylon blades are durable yet lightweight
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