Octane Carbon 3 pc SUP Adjustable LeverLock

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The Octane Carbon Paddle has a high cadence blade so you can transfer your effort to the water more efficiently.

If you’re paddling for fun, that means fewer strokes with less fatigue. If you’re after performance, it means more distance and speed for every stroke. This 3-piece version packs up nicely with inflatable SUPs.


  • Carbon twill shaft for comfort and control.
  • Blade is nylon reinforced with carbon.
  • Adjustable height for sharing between paddlers or fine-tuning to conditions.
  • Lever-lock height adjustment is easy to use on the water.
  • Breaks down to 3 pieces for travel or storage. Each piece is less than 91cm.
  • Adjusts from 188–218cm.




Blade Material Carbon Reinforced Nylon
Shaft Material Carbon Shaft
Blade Area 93sq in (600sq cm)
Fixed Shaft 22 oz (625g)
Adjustable Shaft 27 oz (766g)
3-Piece Adjustable Shaft 29 oz (824g)
Blade Angle 8 degrees
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